Monster crocodile causes terror outside homes after washing up during flooding

A huge crocodile left residents terrified after washing up on the streets following heavy flooding.

Residents living in Fitzroy Crossing, Western Australia, were horrified when they saw the 10ft long apex predator strolling around at 2am today (January 26).

Jaye Bedford said her sister found the reptile about 500 metres away from their home.

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Videos shared on social media show the cranky crocodile lurking on a pavement near the lawn and acting aggressively as police and rangers arrive..

One police officer is seen throwing a beach towel in an attempt to cover the croc's eyes only for it to respond with a thrash and hiss, forcing the policeman to step back.

They also try using a catch pole and hooking it onto the crocodile's snout, but it simply snaps it in half.

After several attempts, the team sought assistance of a local volunteer wildlife expert, Tamela, from Wild Life West Inc.

She tranquillised the reptile and released it back into the river four hours later.

Recalling the incident, Jay said: "My kids and I threw some small twigs at it first because we weren't sure if it was alive but then it started hissing.

"It was very aggressive but the kids and I were worried about the crocodile and how long it had been stuck out of the river.

"I have seen freshwater crocodiles around Fitzroy after a flooding before but nothing this big."

Jaye, who stayed up all night to watch the capture, added: "In the end, it was all pretty entertaining, especially now that we know the crocodile was safely returned home."

A spokeswoman for WA Police said the crocodile was unharmed and monitored before it was released to its natural habitat.

She said: "Tamela cares for injured animals and without her assistance it is believed there would have been no way to safely relocate the crocodile without officers or the crocodile itself being harmed.

"Once safe to do so, the crocodile was secured and transported to a river system where it would normally live."


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