‘Monarchy in good hands with Cambridges’ despite calls for republic, says expert

The monarchy will be in good hands with Prince William and Kate Middleton, despite calls for a republic, a royal expert has claimed.

Britain has been a monarchy for over a thousand years, either as separate kingdoms, or as the United Kingdom.

During the 17th century however, Charles I, lost the Civil War and was executed on January 30, 1649 – leaving Britain and Ireland without a monarch.

The 11 years that followed are known as the Interregnum, with the country being a republic until 1660, when Charles II was invited back to take his father's throne.

Despite what ultimately proved to be an unsuccessful 11-year experiment, some people think the UK could now survive without a monarch – including the activist group Republic.

The group, which wants to see the monarchy abolished and replaced with a democratically elected head of state, says that the Queen is irreplaceable and that her death should trigger a fresh look at whether Britain really needs a King in the 21st century.

Graham Smith, Republic's chief executive, said that in a period where we’ve seen Prince Harry walk away from the Royal Family and Prince Andrew mired in scandal, it’s time to consider a referendum on the future of the House of Windsor.

He said: "The monarchy and the Queen are synonymous for most people. Once we're past the end of the Queen's reign, all bets are off as to where public opinion is going to go."

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That opinion seems to be gaining traction amongst the younger generation, as a YouGov poll conducted in May last year showed that 41% of 18-24 year olds now say Britain should have an elected head of state, while only 31% would like to see the monarchy continue.

Those figures have seen a sharp rise compared to 2019, when only 26% preferred an elected head of state and 46% were in favour of the monarchy.

But Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams disagrees and told the Daily Star that he sees a bright future for the monarchy, both with Charles and Camilla at the helm and after that too with William and Kate.

He said: "The main reason for the monarchy is continuity, which the Queen has symbolised brilliantly for seven decades in a time of huge change.

"The monarch is also a symbol of national unity and constitutionally has a role to play over party politics, to be advised, encouraged and warned by her ministers.

"But what of the future? Charles and Camilla are an ideal couple, but the majority of people are still opposed to her being Queen Consort. However, his charitable and environmental work is widely admired. William and Catherine are doing a magnificent job, especially in their charitable work.

"Each reign is different, but the Cambridges and their family are the future of the monarchy and though the institution will undoubtedly change, it is in good hands."

The royal expert goes on to refer to the financial benefits the country receives by having a monarchy.

He explained: "There is the benefit of the use of the royals when they go abroad as the ultimate in soft power. Such trips have enormous benefit for British business.

"The Commonwealth links are highly significant, with the monarch at the head of an association of 54 states.

"There is also the huge tourist potential, obviously there are security costs, but the official cost, £1.24 per person per year – currently including the refurbishment of Buckingham Palace – is a bargain."

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