Michelle Obama as future Democrat leader ‘not ruled out’ by Trump ex-advisor

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Donald Trump’s ex-National Security Adviser said former US President Barack Obama’s wife has a “positive approval rating” among the general public. She has been vocal throughout Mr Biden’s election campaign and has not been afraid to rip into Mr Trump over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Mr Bolton suggested this could give her a political boost if she planned to stand as a future candidate for the Democrat party, but he added turning her popularity into political appeal may be “very difficult”.

He told Express.co.uk: “Michelle Obama in the general public probably has a pretty positive approval rating.

“Certainly her book has done very well and many people speculate it will do more well than Barack Obama’s memoir, which says something.

“Translating that kind of appeal into a political campaign is a very difficult thing to do and people may have talked to her about running.

“So with the Democrats well placed, although it is far from certain, to win the election, it could be an open question, among democrats, among republicans in the media whether Biden would be a one-term president or not.

“If Michelle Obama wants a political figure, it is not certainly ruled out by the fact she didn’t enter the race for the Democrat nomination this time.”

Mrs Obama hit the headlines earlier this year after the Democrats released a 26-minute speech called “Michelle Obama’s Closing Argument”.

During this, she claimed the US was in “chaos” as Mr Trump was not “up to the job”.

She said: “From his constant downplaying of the importance of masks and social distancing, to his relentless pressure on schools to open.

“We simply cannot trust this President to tell us the truth about anything.”

She also claimed Mr Trump “knew how deadly this virus is, but lied to us, and told us it would just disappear” and “in the greatest crisis of our lifetimes doubled down on division and resentment”.

Mrs Obama also called on people to vote after saying the election was too close to call.

She said: “Please take a moment pause, click off the news… and think about what the next four years could mean for our country’s future – the message we will send to our children about who we are and what we truly value.”

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Mrs Obama’s impassioned speeches have not been received favourably by Mr Trump.

He lashed out at the former First Lady by saying “I would not be in White House if it wasn’t for your husband.”

In a series of posts on Twitter, he also wrote: “Somebody please explain to @MichelleObama that Donald J. Trump would not be here, in the beautiful White House, if it weren’t for the job done by your husband, Barack Obama.”

The President added Mrs Obama’s endorsement of Mr Biden was “very late” and “unenthusiastic”, while describing him as “merely an afterthought”.

When he was asked earlier this year whether he’d ask Michelle Obama to be his vice president, Mr Biden said he’d choose her in a “heartbeat”.

But he added: “I don’t think she has any desire to live in the White House again.”

Mr Obama also backed this up in 2016, after claims continued to emerge surrounding whether she would run.

He told the Sway in the Morning radio show: “She will never run for office.

“She is as talented and brilliant a person as there is, and I could not be prouder of her, but Michelle does not have the patience or the inclination to actually be a candidate herself. That’s one y’all can take to the bank.”

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