Mia Khalifa says she has second Twitter account she uses to bully haters

Ex-porn star Mia Khalifa has made a massive revelation by joking that she has a secret Twitter account which she uses to 'cyber bully' online trolls.

When the Lebanon-born entertainer entered the adult industry back in 2014, she caused a major scandal. Khalifa gained worldwide interest after performing in a pornographic video where she engaged in a threeome while wearing a Hijab.

And while the scene catapulted the young woman to astronomical popularity within her field, some people deemed the video extremely offensive.

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As is the nature of the internet, the videos are permanently there for all to see. Thus, the now 29-year-old can't escape the online abuse that has followed her around for the last decade.

In a testament to her ability to ignore the haters, she recently posted a video on her Twitter account, in which she danced around her bathroom to Nicki Minaj, while using a toothbrush as a microphone.

Consequently, a user quoted the tweet, joking: "I just know she has a stan Twitter burner."

And to the fan's surprise, the social media influencer actually replied in the affirmative.

She said: "I use it to cyberbully haters."

While Khalifa may be joking, after years of stick, we wouldn't be surprised if she wanted to get her own back on everyone who's taken pleasure in making her miserable.

It came after she slammed a troll telling her to "seek forgiveness" for her porn past.

Underneath the Nicki Minaj clip someone wrote: "You said in the media that 'people look at me with bad eyes because of my past' yesterday.

"Watching this video feels like that. If you are the same as you were, then people will look at you with the same eyes.

"Ask forgiveness from Allah Almighty with a sincere heart."

Retweeting the comment for her 5.3 million followers to see, she snapped back: "Go f**k yourself."

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