Mia Khalifa orders every item on UK McDonald’s menu she can’t get in America

Ex-Pornhub legend Mia Khalifa decided to try all the McDonald's menu items that she can't get in the US on her latest visit to the UK.

The 29-year-old has been spending the last week or so in the UK, taking in a variety of different locations from Whistable in Kent.

But while she's been taking in some fans for posh afternoon tea outings, the outspoken star took herself for a huge McDonald's order as she was desperate to try some menu items she can't get back home in America.

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In the video, which gained more than 235,000 likes, she said: "I am back in the UK and I just went ham at McDonald's.

"I got every single thing on the menu except the things I didn't have in stock that I've never seen in America. I'm gonna try them all for you."

The first thing she tried was fish fingers from a Happy Meal, as she referenced a South Park episode that said Kanye West loves them.

She said: "The first up is fish sticks. Kanye West loves fish sticks is what I've heard. These are actually really good.

"They're way better than the fish filet. But FYI, these only come in kids meal form, but it comes with a toy."

Next up, she tried the McCrispy, which she thought would be a wrap, but it was actually a sandwich that she said was "f***ing good."

Before switching from the meat products to the veggie option, some of which she claims she was tried before.

Mia added: "I tried to only get things they did not have in America. I've actually had this one before and it's really f***ing good.

"Then we have the vegetable deluxe, which is like veggie sticks instead of an impossible meat patty. All of that is veggie. I've had this one before too. I really like it. I like the other one more though."

The OnlyFans model had also wanted to try nacho nuggets or waffle bites but unfortunately, they weren't available on her visit this time, so she promised to return again later.

TikTok users were buzzing over her review as they took to the comments to share their opinions on it.

One user wrote: "Never ever change a thing you're perfect."


A third commented: "European McDonald's is and always will be elite."

A fourth said: "The McCrispy is so good but chicken legends were better."

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The news comes after the Lebanese-American star took a trip to the Oscar Wilde Room, housed at the five-star Hotel Cafe Royal in Quadrant Arcade, central London.

Mia took some friends along with her to the golden room and appeared to be enjoying what she claims was her first traditional afternoon tea.

The afternoon tea at the swanky venue costs £70 per person, or £80 if you include a glass of N V Veuve Clicquot, Brut champagne – which we assume she did.


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