Met Office issues advice as cold weather alert warns of ‘severe’ chill

FOX Weather forecasts polar vortex to blast North East

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Met Office forecasters have warned that chilly minus temperatures will soon dominate the UK. Despite a comparatively warm start to February, the coming week comes with a high probability of “severe cold weather” for much of the country. And that will come with risks for the British public, as the Met Office has released a Level 2 health alert.

According to the agency’s cold weather alert page, the entirety of England is currently within a Level 2 ‘alert and readiness’ warning.

The warning states that there is a 60 percent chance of severely cold conditions between 6pm tonight and 6pm on Monday, February 7.

The 24-hour alert states that “long clear spells” could see the mercury plunge below zero, causing a widespread frost.

The deep freeze could “increase the health risks to vulnerable patients”, the Met Office has warned, and “disrupt the delivery of services”.

The alert helps inform health services to prepare for weather-related issues, but people can also take precautions.

Met Office officials have warned people to take extra care if they go out tomorrow morning.

Speaking to Devon Live, forecaster Marco Petagna advised people to “allow extra time for your journey” with frost and “fog patches” on the horizon.

Patchy early morning fog could cause visibility to “briefly dip a bit” in some places, he added.

Those not on the road on Monday morning will also need to watch their footing.

Frosty surfaces could cause the ground to become “a little bit slippery on the ground”, especially on pavements.

Children, people with health conditions and older Britons are especially at risk, the Met Office has warned.

People who fall into vulnerable categories should enlist the help of those around them during the cold snap.

The alert advises people to “ask if your friends, family or neighbours need any support”.

They should also “stock up foods and medicines”, the warning adds, so there is no need to venture outdoors during the icy conditions.

Those who don’t go outside should ensure that their homes are warm enough, heated to at least 18C.

Colder than average homes can prove dangerous for vulnerable people, as low temperatures can raise the risk of strokes or heart attacks.

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