Met Office ‘have lost the plot’ fume baffled Brits sick of washout summer

Drenched Brits have been left fuming that bungling Met Office experts must have their heads in the clouds.

The weather boffins yesterday declared the summer had been warmer and drier than usual.

But many of us up and down the country have been hit by floods, battered by thunderstorms and have had to turn on the central heating again.

They poured scorn on the experts and declared the summer a washout in social media posts.

One said: “Are they having a laugh? This has been the most typically British summer since records began.”

Another wrote: “The Met Office have lost the plot… Take a look out of the window, it’s pi **** d down.”

But the meteorologists said the nation had experienced several freak weather events which had led people to think conditions were worse than normal.

And analysis showed overall temperatures had been higher than usual – with less rain.

The Met Office’s Becky Mitchell said: “It’s not been wetter on average, but we’ve seen a lot of reports on the news about the flooding. That’s why it may feel like a bad summer with not much warmth or sunshine.”

But she admitted London and the south east was the exception, after seeing 111% of its average rainfall for the summer.

She added: “It’s going to stay quite changeable at least for the next week, but as we head towards the end of August there’s a likelihood we’ll see a hotter spell and drier, more settled weather, across the whole of the UK.”

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