Met Office gives verdict on 750-mile blizzard with 90% snow risk

UK Weather: Met Office forecast spells of rain

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The Met Office has given its verdict on a forecast that has suggested a freezing cold front will bury the UK in snow. Maps from WXCharts have assigned a 90 percent snow risk to the entire country starting next week, with the potential for inches-high layers from February 9. But the Met Office has painted a much less dramatic picture for most Britons, with wetter, milder conditions inbound.

Speaking to, Met Office Senior Operational Meteorologist Rachel Ayers said confidence is low for the coming week but that a “battleground” has formed in the skies above the UK.

She said: “At the moment it’s quite low confidence going into next week.

“There’s a temporary battleground set up between a blocking high over the UK and the return of lambic mobility from the west.

“It looks like at first we’ll see a lot of dry, settled weather with light winds, some colder weather with fog and patchy, localised frost.”

Ms Ayers added that wetter conditions would “stay across the far northwest”.

She continued: “It then looks like, at the moment, the most likely outcome is that we’ll see wetter, windier, milder weather quickly re-establish from the west, with a small chance that this could be preceded by some snow.

“But then there is a lower probability, around a 15 percent chance at the moment of a more unsettled and cold easterly flow setting up across the UK bringing some snow showers increasingly across eastern and southern areas.

“At the moment that is not the preferred solution.”

The meteorologist concluded: “Generally looking at the settled start and becoming a little more unsettled later on, in the middle part of February.”

The Met Office predictions make a stark comparison to the maps from WXCharts, which forecast bitterly low temperatures.

The service, which takes data from MetDesk, predicted that from February 6, the mercury would plummet to between 0C and -5C.

The forecast adds that over the following days, temperatures could drop by another 20C.

On Tuesday, February 7, the maps show Britons living in London and the southeast reckoning with -15C.

The WXCharts maximum on the day is 0C, with no part of the country not experiencing the bitter chill.

The service also suggests that the weather will remain this cold until its most distant forecast on February 17.

But the Met Office has stressed that forecasts are subject to change, with more distant predictions ultimately being less accurate.

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