McDonald’s superfan visits famous arches across globe in 45-country world tour

A McDonald’s super fan has gone on a world tour of the fast food restaurants, saving up for years to do so.

Over the past six months Natasha Whitley has visited a whopping 45 countries, stopping at eateries in Australia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua and New Zealand.

The 27-year old hospital pharmacist-turned-travel-content-creator from London, said: “I knew when I started this round-the-world trip that I wanted to visit all the different McDonald’s.

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“I love checking out the menus and seeing what cool and exciting items they offer.”

Natasha, who doesn’t eat beef so sticks to chicken, said her favourite location is in Taupo, New Zealand, which was voted “the coolest McDonald’s in the world” as it is set inside a plane.

She made a TikTok video about the Maccies there and got two million hits.

Natasha added: “The sides are often quite different. A lot of McDonald’s abroad will have potato wedges. And in France they also sell alcohol, so you can have a beer with your meal.”

Explaining the origins of her Maccies bent, she said: “Ever since I was young, it was always a special treat as a kid to go to McDonald's and get a Happy Meal.

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"Then, as I got older, my love for chicken nuggets grew – it became a known thing between me and my friends.

"McDonald's is definitely my go to meal every time I'm drunk after a night out or hungover the next day – it's my favourite comfort food."

The determined fan said she saved up for a few years before embarking on a world tour.

She added she always checks for interesting sides on offer.

Nicaragua had cheese cubes, coleslaw and toasties while others allow people to order potato wedges.

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