Man launches WWE-style move to brawl with pub-goer – and hits floor instead

This is the bizarre moment a punter launches himself into the air in a WWE-style punch to fight with another pub-goer.

Video shared on Facebook shows the man in beige T-shirt stepping on a bench and tapping on a man's shoulder before jumping off into the air.

But his attempt to throw a "phenomenal forearm" fails as a glass collector puts his foot out and trips him over.

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The man faceplants onto the floor but he gets up quickly and grabs onto a man's legs, pushing him towards the entrance of Bar Loco in Newcastle.

The pair tussle with each other before bystanders step in to break up the scuffle.

Viewers commented on the brawler's behaviour and said it's likely he "can't handle the drink" while others said he had to "work on his parkour skills".

One wrote: "I think he might have made a better job of that flight with a cape."

"When you shoot too early. Well played to the pot collector," a second commented and a third added: "What is it with men and sunshine and beer?"

"So proud to know this move…AJ Styles Phenomenal Forearm," another said.

Some praised the glass collector a "hero" for stopping the fight as they asked punters to "put the drinks down and grow up".

This came after a man breaking his friend's ankle in a botched football tackle in a park.

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Shocking footage was shared on Twitter showing the moment the man's ankle "pops" and dislocates as he falls to the ground.

A woman can be heard saying: "Oh my God, he's broken his ankle."

The poor man screams in pain while his pal checks on him and pulls out a phone to call for emergency service.


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