Man headbutted and strangled girlfriend after confronting him over sick claim

A skydiver headbutted and strangling his girlfriend to death after she confronted him about allegedly raping a teenager.

Several cuts and bruises can be seen on the forehead of Ashley Kemp, 53, who yesterday (April 25) admitted to manslaughter but denied the murder of Clair Armstrong, 51.

The mum-of-three was found dead in bed at her home in Messingham, Lincolnshire, after the sick skydiver confessed to police that he had killed her.

Kemp told police: “I've killed my girlfriend. We got into a fight and I ended up strangling her.”

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The couple had been together for two years, after they met at a skydiving centre where they both worked as instructors,The Sun reported.

Jurors at Grimsby Crown Court were told that just before the November killing, a teenage girl made “allegations of a sexual nature” against Kemp.

While he was arrested over the allegations, no decision has yet been made on whether to charge him for the alleged attempted rape.

Clair told her friends that her relationship with Kemp was “struggling” because of the horrific allegations, adding that she was considering breaking up with him.

Kemp told the court that Clair was “hysterical” when she confronted him about the alleged sex attack, adding that Clair had asked him to leave and "grabbed him" before he "squeezed her throat for what seemed like eternity until she stopped”.

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The twisted killer said: "To be honest, I just snapped. It was like a red mist came over. When she stopped I thought ‘That’s it’. I didn’t realise it was going to be her end. I held on too long. I didn’t know."

But Richard Thyne KC, prosecuting, said the brute "killed her in a fit of rage".

He added: "If you weren't going to have her, no one was."

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Clair’s family thanked police in a statement shortly after the hearing for "the incredible support and guidance they have given us throughout the darkest time of our lives.

"The day we lost Clair is the day our lives changed forever. We never imagined we would be in this position, but the support of the amazing group of people around us has helped in securing justice for Clair."

Kemp will be sentenced on May 3.


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