Man accused of cutting wifes head off called unhinged by neighbours

A man who allegedly cut off his wife’s head in a horrifying attack has been described as "unhinged" by neighbours.

The man accused of the heinous act is Ahmad Shareef, 34, from Philadelphia, USA, who has long possessed an unpleasant reputation among his neighbours.

One local woman told WTXF that she was not surprised upon hearing the news of the alleged crime as she said: "The adults in that house are completely unhinged".

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She added: “And the man who did the decapitation, he is, I would say, the most unhinged of them all.”

Police officers identified the poor victim as Leila Al Raheel, 41.

The officers said they got a call of a “person with a weapon,” and found Leila's body inside the home upon their arrival.

Officers said: “The victim was pronounced dead, on the scene, at 12:56 p.m., by Medic personnel. A short time later, the below male defendant was found hiding by police a distance away from the residence and was immediately detained.

"The scene was held, a knife was recovered and an arrest was made. This investigation is active and ongoing with the Homicide Unit.”

Shareef has since been charged with murder, possession of an instrument of crime, and abuse of a corpse.

Police reportedly said they found the “severed head” on the kitchen floor.

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According to neighbours, Shareef was "known for lewd, bizarre and sometimes threatening behaviour".

Gabriel Ramirez, a local citizen, said: “The older I got, the more I could see something was wrong in that house. There are young girls in that house and I don’t know what they’ve had to endure their whole lives.”

The woman who called Shareef unhinged further expressed her thoughts on the situation and said that it was Leila who undertook all the chores in the house.

She explained: “That house is terrible, it’s a house of horrors. I feel bad for those children. It’s devastating.

“She’s taking out the trash. She’s raking up the leaves. She’s going to shovel the snow. They don’t do anything. There are grown men in that house, but Leila, who was the smallest of them all, does all of the labour outside.”


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