Madrid blast rocks Spain capital after ‘huge explosion’ at building

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An explosion in the Spanish capital of Madrid has rocked the city, leaving debris strewn across the road and cars crushed.

Witnesses reportedly heard a loud explosion before a plume of smoke was observed near to the reported blast area in the neighbourhood of Puerta de Toledo.

Footage of the explosion quickly surfaced online and showed a street in the area covered completely in ash.

People could also be heard screaming and shouting in the video, which was posted to Twitter, and the windscreens of cars on the street were completely shattered.

The recording then pans to the left and a large building that appears to have been completely gutted and smoke can be seen coming from the structure.

Emergency services have said they are rushing to the scene of a building in Madrid city centre following an explosion.

In a statement, Spanish authorities said: "Ongoing incident in the area of Puerto de Toledo.

"Please avoid the area and clear the way for emergency resources."

A reporter TVE public broadcaster said several people had been injured and a witness told Telemadrid there is at least one person trapped inside

It is unclear at this stage what caused the blast but unconfirmed reports suggest it was a gas explosion.

Spanish news site, elDiario, said the blast occurred just before 3pm at a building in 98 Toledo Street.

At present, there have been no reported injuries but a building nearby is understood to have housed a nursing home – though authorities have not officially confirmed this.

However, in one video posted to Twitter, a large group of elderly woman can be seen in tears vacating the area.

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Witnesses claim the building has lost its roof, and five of its seven floors, although this has not been confirmed by authorities.

Devastating pictures surfacing on social media show people's belongings inside the building, including a rack of clothes and a TV.

Across the road, the windows of the building parallel to 98 Toledo Street have been blown off, it is unclear if anyone was inside at the time of the blast.

Tweets have flooded in to those affected, with one person stating: "Following with concern the information that comes from Toledo Street in Madrid. All my support to emergency services professionals."

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