Madeleine McCann cops slammed for new village search with no substance

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    A former cop who has been covering the new leads German cops have been chasing down in the Madeleine McCann case has slammed them for their search, claiming they are of “no substance”.

    Mark Williams-Thomas, a former police detective, said via Twitter that German cops combing a posh villa in a small town in southern Portugal are wasting their time.

    “I interviewed the owner of the Villa and had a detailed look around the grounds and the local area. Sadly this is more hype from the Germans with no substance,” he said.

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    The comments come as revelations that the villa being searched by detectives used to be owned by Christian B, the prime suspect in Madeleine’s disappearance, have come to light.

    The village is just a 50-minute drive from Praia de Luz, the town that three-year-old Madeleine vanished from in 2007 while on holiday with her family.

    A police sourcetold the Sun: "The trail is leading to Foral because this is an area that officers know that Christian B spent a long time in and around at the time Maddie went missing.

    "It’s an area where police officers believe would benefit from being looked at again and revisiting to see if it can throw up fresh leads.

    "They firmly believe other sites are out there which require a fresh search."

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    The criminal, who is already behind bars for the rape of a US pensioner, lived in a run-down secluded home in the village for months after the youngster vanished around 40 miles away.

    An anonymous source said: "Christian B spent a lot of time there after Madeleine vanished.

    "It was his favourite hangout and cops believe images of the area are among many of Christian B’s pictures they currently have in their possession."

    German cops’ new Portugal lead comes just a week after they scoured a nearby dam, which reportedly led to “a number of items” that may lead to more information about how the missing girl vanished in 2007.

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