Lotto winner bagged life-changing amount just three days after retiring

A lottery winner bagged their life-changing amount of cash just three days after retiring.

Paul Bashaw was stunned after winning a crisp $1million (£784,000) just a few days after finishing up his final shift as a lorry driver.

Mr Bashaw, 65, said nothing to colleagues as he worked through his notice period, despite having scratched away on a Cashword card on July 20 which topped his bank account up with an extra million quid.

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The Massachusetts, United States-based lorry driver has since claimed his winnings on July 28, which happened to coincide with his final day of work, 20 years after he started the job.

Mr Bashaw said: "I told my wife there were three things in life I never thought I'd see happen – the Patriots winning the Super Bowl, getting a hole in one – that happened five years ago – and hitting the lottery. And now I've hit all three!"

With his winnings, the now retired lorry driver plans on touring the world, heading out and about with his million.

Bashaw purchased his winning ticket from the J & J Variety store in West Boylston, which will now receive $10,000 (£7,800) for selling the winning ticket.

In not so lucky lottery news elsewhere, a woman was forced to hand over her massive £1million winnings after it was revealed she was hiding them from her ex-husband.

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The Daily Star reported the wild story of California resident Denise Rossi, who filed for divorce from her husband after 25 years together.

Denise chose to keep her lottery winnings a secret from her then-partner, divorcing from Thomas 11 days after bagging a cool million.

But Thomas claimed he was "blindsided" and "confused" by her actions, and was attempting to get to the bottom of why she was acting that way, when he eventually found the lottery winnings.

Denise, then 49, was ordered to pay her ex-husband, then 65, 20 annual instalments of $66,800 (£52,400), amounting to the value of her entire win.

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