Long Covid sufferer says wine ‘tastes like oil’ and food ‘like rotten meat’

A mum is experiencing long-term symptoms of coronavirus seven months after her diagnosis and can no longer eat food or drink wine with friends as it tastes like "oil that has gone bad."

Chanda Drew, 49, was diagnosed with Covid-19 at the beginning of April and was forced to quarantine with her entire family for two weeks.

Seven months later, Chanda is still feeling the effects of the virus, and told Newsweek in a first person piece that she began to realise something was really wrong when she still hadn’t got her sense of taste and smell back two months after she recovered.

Not only that, but Chanda now smells and tastes revolting odours that are so bad she suffers from headaches and nausea.

She has even vowed not to open a bottle of wine until her sense of taste returns after she sat down with a glass of Californian chardonnay that coated her mouth like butter and tasted like "oil that had gone bad."

Chanda, from Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, told Newsweek: "On the evening of September 25, a girlfriend came over, and we sat at the fire pit so we could socially distance. I had bought a really, really good California chardonnay and I opened it, took one sip and said: That's the worst thing I've ever tasted! It was so bad.

"It coated my mouth like butter. I initially thought it tasted like butter because it coated my mouth, but it was probably more like oil that had gone bad.

"It tasted bad enough for me not to have opened another bottle of wine since. I don't know what red wine tastes like and I'm not going to try and figure it out."

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Chanda can also no longer eat her favourite Mexican food as garlic and a lot of the spices she previously used "will taste rotten."

Mint is also a food mum Chanda can’t eat as she said it tastes "how cat food smells when you open it up."

She said: "I love Mexican food. But onion, garlic and a lot of the spices used will taste rotten to me.

"I have to walk around with these different oils by my nose to neutralize the smell, or hide out in my room, run an air purifier and put on a diffuser.

"Mint tastes revolting to me, similar to how cat food smells when you open it up."

Chanda's condition is so bad she has lost 35lbs since April as she was consuming just 700 calories every day.

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Smells in the home are also a big issue for Chanda who said she was first experiencing a burning toast smell, then grease, gasoline and now it has morphed into rotten meat.

The mum has now started a YouTube channel and her own Facebook group "COVID bounce BACK" for other people who are COVID long haulers.

Chanda said the experience has made her feel “empowered” and finally had a say in her own life again.

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