Line of Duty star blasts police after three men tried to abduct 11-year-old son

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A Line of Duty star has slammed cops for not fully investigating after three men tried to abduct her 11-year-old son on his way home from school.

Sherise Blackman said her son was taking a different route home on Friday after his bus was diverted in Beckenham, before a black van pulled up next to him.

She accused officers of "trying to fob it off" after the probe was closed due to no further evidence.

The actress, whose character Ruby Jones died in episode four of the hit show, described how her son ran into Croydon Road Recreation Ground to find help.

She told the Standard: "He saw the basketball court and saw two teenage boys playing basketball and he ran in there behind them.

“The two men then followed him into the tennis court and said to the teenage boys ‘oh he’s with us’ at which point he (her son) said ‘I don’t know them.”

The teens blocked the men from the entrance and told the boy to run home.

A man in the vehicle asked him where he was going and offered him a lift home.

The boy realised he was in danger and turned to rush home, but spotted two hooded men appear and start to follow him.

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Police interviewed the teen after he got home safely but were unable to identify any suspects, leaving the mum "very dissatisfied".

Ms Blackman previously spoke of her relief after her son ran into a nearby basketball court where two teenagers protected her son before telling him to run home.

She shared the worrying episode on Instagram where she described two of the men as wearing "hoods" and how she was "grateful to God" that he returned home safe.

“My son got off a bus he usually takes around where he lives. He normally gets off and walks like 200 yards home but the bus was on diversion so it took him to Croydon Road,” Sherise told the Evening Standard.

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“He got off there because he recognised where he was and knew he was not far from home.”

According to her son after the bus drove off a black van pulled into the bus stop and the man inside asked where he was going.

“He did say ‘I’m going home’ and the man then said ‘hop in, I’ll give you a ride’ at which point my son was like that’s not normal and he kind of started to hop foot it away.”

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At that point two men on foot also appeared and her son's instinct was to get away quickly but the men continued to follow him.

The 11-year-old then ran into Croydon Road Recreation Ground to find help and saw the teenagers playing basketball.

She said: "“The two men then followed him into the tennis court and said to the teenage boys ‘oh he’s with us’ at which point he (Sherise's son) said ‘I don’t know them.”

The schoolboy eventually made it home and told his parents what happened, who then called the police.

On Sunday May 2 the family were told by the Met Police that as no crime had been committed they would not be investigating further.

She said: "They made my son go through the whole rigmarole of explaining it and the poor thing was really nervous, only to say a crime hasn’t actually been committed."

In a statement, the Met Police said: “Police were called at 4.40pm on Friday, 30 April to reports of two males acting suspiciously in Whitmore Road, Beckenham.

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"Officers arranged to take a statement from the complainant. No suspects were identified.

“The investigation has been closed; an intelligence report was recorded and should any further evidential opportunities arise this decision will be reviewed.”

Daily Star has approached Met for a further response.

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