Kim Jong-un dealt MAJOR blow as North Korea halts propaganda leaflets drop in South Korea

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Kim Yo Jong, vice director of the United Front Department of the Workers’ Party of Korea, reportedly made the decision. A source in North Korea told Daily NK: “Comrade Kim Yo Jong’s decision to temporarily suspend activities against the enemy was handed down to the United Front Department at 2pm on June 23.

“At the same time, the the Supreme Command ordered the General Staff Department to await further orders while maintaining a state of combat readiness.”

Kim Yo Jong’s order allegedly included instructions to temporarily halt “all activities aimed at the enemy”.

This reportedly included the planned leaflet drop over the inter-Korean border.

The directive ordered the United Front Department to take care of all the leaflets which have already been printed.

She also reportedly commanded a halt to any and all criticism of South Korea in propaganda for international consumption until further orders are given.

An order handed down to the General Staff Department by the Supreme Command told the military to maintain its state of combat readiness on all fronts until new orders were given.

This order also reportedly included instructions referring to preparations for the country’s upcoming military drills which were are set to start on 1 July.

Speaking to the Daily NK, the source said: “People were selected from various businesses, the university youth alliance, and party committees to head out to the front lines to help with the leaflet drop and were waiting for further instructions.

“The military had some checks of areas where the leaflets would be sent over the border along with devices to be used and had given a report on these activities to Comrade Kim Yo Jong.”

The leaflets which were set to be dropped over the border have already been printed.

They are reportedly being held in a storage facility managed by the United Front Department.

Fifty million leaflets that have been prepared by North Korea.

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It is allegedly one for each person in South Korea.

Of the leaflets, there are over 50 different kinds including ones which criticise the South Korean President Moon Jae In and his family.

The source told Daily NK: “That the United Front Department hasn’t destroyed the leaflets means that they could be used again when needed.”

In mid-June North Korea’s state media announced that it was preparing to send the leaflets over its southern border.

The North Korean Central News Agency said: “The enraged people across the country are actively pushing forward with the preparations for launching a large-scale distribution of leaflets to pour the leaflets of punishment upon those in South Korea who are bereft of even elementary morality.

“Every action should be met with proper reaction and only when one experiences it oneself, one can feel how offending it is.”

North Korea has reportedly blamed North Korean defectors for sending leaflets across the border.

Earlier in June, Pyongyang blew up an inter-Korean liaison office to highlight its disapproval of the defectors and South Korea for not stopping them launching the leaflets.

The two Koreas are still said to be technically at war because their 1950-53 conflict ended without a peace treaty.

Both sides have engaged in leaflet campaigns for decades.

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