Killer filmed videos in victim’s house with twerking model

A killer delivery driver filmed himself dancing with a twerking model on the property of his a 71-year-old woman he murdered – before the dancer turned on him and became a key witness in the case.

Mohammed El-Abboud, 28, and Kusai Al-Jundi, 25, were found guilty of murdering an elderly divorcee they tried to ensnare in a £4.6million romance fraud.

The pair, who have been jailed for 35 years each, plotted to steal from Louise Kam, from Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, and trick her into signing power of attorney documents which they believed would give them control over her multi-million-pound property portfolio.

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Al-Jundi initially tried to woo Ms Kam, claiming he loved her and telling "lie after lie" to attempt to rob her, Mirror reports.

But when this didn’t work he encouraged El-Abboud to strangle her with her hairdryer lead after they lured her to a three-bed home she owned in Barnet North London on the premise of a business meeting in July 2021.

It was in one of the victim's properties that El-Abboud filmed several TikTok videos dancing with Al-Jundi’s girlfriend, Maria Amariucai, in Ms Kam’s properties as if they owned them in the days leading up to her death.

In one of their many videos, El-Abboud can be seen slapping her on the bottom.

In another clip, filmed just two weeks before Ms Kam was killed, Ms Amariucai was seen twerking.

But one video was filmed on the last day, El-Abboud could be seen thrusting his groin towards the camera in her house.

Al-Jundi, a dad-of-three and the mastermind behind the brutal murder, celebrated it by buying his girlfriend a pair of diamond earrings worth £580.

However, their sick plan fell apart when they confessed the murder to the twerking model and she became a key witness in their trial.

The prosecutor Oliver Glasgow told the court that this was a generous gift for someone with no money.

However, Glasgow added that Al-Jundi believed with Ms Kam dead and a signed power of attorney, he owned two expensive properties.

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Ms Kam’s body was stuffed into a wheelie bin as Al-Jundi lied to her worried family, sending them messages from her phone pretending she had decided to travel to China.

But the body was later found at Al-Jundi’s parents’ home and the pair were connected to the crime through DNA and blood evidence.

Reports say they quickly turned on one another in court and they both sobbed when they were convicted and jailed for life.

In a victim impact statement, Ms Kam’s son Gregory Kam said the family had been left in a state of “disbelief” at what had happened to her.

He said: “I deeply regret I was not able to do enough at the time to prevent my mother from falling for the lies of this wolf in sheep’s clothing.

“In addition to the initial shocking news of our mother’s disappearance and subsequent news of her murder, I was not only shocked but further angered and sickened to discover defendant one (Al-Jundi) enlisted the help of an accomplice (El-Abboud) to trick, entrap, overpower and murder a pension-age woman in her own home under the guise of what was supposed to be a business deal.”


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