Killer crocodile savages boy, 12, just days after man found with ‘missing limbs’

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    A young boy has been mauled to death after being attacked by a crocodile while out searching for snails.

    The incident took place on Sumangat Payau Island in Sabah’s Sandakan district in eastern Malaysia’s Sabah state and claimed the life of the 12-year-old.

    His body was found some two kilometres away from where he had last been seen alive in the May 23 incident.

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    Assistant operations director of Sabah Fire and Rescue Department Hamza Isnurdini explained that the incident occurred at 8am with his office receiving a callout 25 minutes later.

    He said: “An integrated operation with other enforcement officials was conducted to search for the boy."

    Officials found him over two hours later at 10:.38am and his body was recovered by marine police.

    They said the young boy was out gathering snails when he died.

    This tragedy follows an earlier attack in early May, when a 28-year old man was attacked by a crocodile in Sabah.

    His body was discovered in the Beluran district, missing limbs, on 11 May, two days after he was last seen washing his hands and legs by the riverbank.

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    Elsewhere, another crocodile-related horror incident in Australia saw a zoo worker get mauled by a 16ft specimen.

    A 34-year-old woman was rushed to hospital in Crocosaurus Cove in Darwin after she was attacked by saltwater croc Leo on April 29.

    She is understood to have been placing plants in his enclosure, leaning over a wall when he pounced.

    Reports claim she was “lucky not to lose a limb” with the Daily Mail reporting that eyewitnesses saw a “lot of blood”.

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