Japan’s Mia Khalifa on hunt for boyfriend while eating world’s smelliest fruit

A top Japanese porn star has taken a trip abroad with the hopes of finding a new boyfriend.

Rae Lil Black, who has more than 1.1 million Twitter followers, has been living it up on a holiday in Thailand – much like former Pornhub legend Mia Khalifa touring the UK in recent days.

And it was during the trip that she told her fans she was in the market for love.

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Posting on social media, alongside an image of herself in nothing but a towel while standing in a bath, she wrote: “Back on Tinder”.

According to Coconuts, when the 26-year-old Japanese-American star first arrived in the country, she took to Facebook where she has 82k fans, and asked if anyone knew “where I can find a husband in Thailand?”.

This sparked a barrage of desperate horny blokes commenting “look at me please” or volunteering to fill her need for love.

And over on Instagram, posting to her army of 1.3 million fans, she showed an image of herself in traditional Thai attire in a glam modelling shot.

It was tagged at being taken at the highly-priced Walford Astoria Bangkok, and captioned: “My wish to everyone in 2023, may your worries be less and may nothing but happiness come through your doors of life.”

One sure fire way of not finding love is to eat the world's smelliest fruit – which is exactly what Rae did while in Thailand.

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A few days ago she posted an image of herself holding an open one, while also getting a box of durian-topped pizza from a local place called Durianism Pizza.

This baffled some fans, as she appeared to be in a pod on a London Eye-style ride.

One wrote: “I know it smell like crazy in there.”

And a second posted: “Smelly, but a nice taste.”

2022 was a good year for Rae, having placed 20th in Pornhub's most searched for porn stars of the year.

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She finished 14 places below Mia Khalifa, but was 12 places higher than she placed in 2021.

Rae's real name is Akiko Matsuzawa and she has only been involved in the adult film industry for around five years.

She became a mainstream star in recent years, getting involved in the video game world with streaming platform Twitch.

She very quickly became one of the top stars on the site, amassing around 264k followers very quickly.

She mainly plays Resident Evil, Super Mario Odyssey and Animal Crossing – which are three of the most popular games in Japan.

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