Instagram star who spent time in toughest prison jailed again on fraud charge

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    An Aussie Instagram model whose life pirated out of control after she got involved with drugs has been jailed again – just three years after she served a stint in the toughest women’s jail in New South Wales.

    Monique Agostino was sentenced to nine months imprisonment with a five-month non-parole period after pleading guilty to attempted identity theft among other offences.

    Sutherland Local Court heard that there had been some 15 arrest warrants issued for Agostino in the past four years.

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    Agostino’s history of offending began in 2018, when, at the age of 22, she became the getaway driver for a burglary gang targeting shops and restaurants on Sydney’s north shore.

    The gang, wearing sinister black masks, prised open the doors of restaurants and cafés in a bid to make off with the takings.

    Agostino was later arrested in connection with a range of other crimes, including credit card fraud, possession of an offensive weapons, and drugs offences.

    Although her day-to-day job was as an estate agent, Agostino accrued a massive following on Instagram, modelling bikinis and other revealing attire to the delight of her thousands of followers.

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    The court was told that Agostino’s life began to spiral out of control after she lost her licence to work as a real estate agent.

    Her lifestyle became increasingly chaotic, with increasing drug use and a string of minor offences

    One lawyer assigned to defend Agostino described her crimes as "amateur hour”.

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    The public defender currently assigned to her case told the court that the mum-of-one had “loads of potential”.

    “She’s relatively young.,” he said, “although she’s clocked up a lot of miles in life in many ways”.

    He added: “If you speak to her directly, you’d be impressed.

    She’s an intelligent individual who has used her abilities for criminal (purposes) instead of constructive reasons… that’s not to say it will always be that way.”

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    Magistrate Hugh Donnelly said Agostino’s psychological report suggested she was was using amphetamines regularly up until her arrest and that the community-based sentence her lawyer had asked for would not address her drug problem.

    “More than 10 warrants have been executed since 2019,” he said, pointing out she had a poor record of attending scheduled court appearances.

    “She is a persistent offender when it comes to driving while disqualified, “ he added. “It’s at least the third time she’s come to court for that”.

    Agostino’s lawyer conceded that her poor record showed a “determined thumbing of the nose at the law,” but said “we’re all a work in progress”.


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