Inside Westworld-style sex robot factory with headless doll and staff at work

A cutting-edge sex robot company has offered a glimpse of its employees at work in its futuristic factory.

US manufacturer RealDoll is one of the dominant forces in the sex robot market, producing some of the most advanced models in the world.

Based in San Marcos, California, the US, it works alongside Abyss Creations to create machines with artificial intelligence capabilities.

Some of RealDoll’s more advanced robots can carry out conversations and develop their own personalities, with users able to emphasise certain characteristics.

The company recently shared a picture of several of its workers inside the factory on Instagram, uploaded with the caption: “When everyone is in the warehouse, it's all hands on d**k! (Get it? 😉 #realdoll.”

In it, several masked members of staff go about their duties, with a headless doll visible in the background.

It bears striking similarties to HBO TV show Westworld, in which humans interact with robots in a sprawling Wild West-style theme park.

RealDoll also posted a picture of one its designs “daydreaming” and another in sunglasses.

The company wrote: “Is summer officially here yet? We have some ladies eager to try some new swimsuits out…”

Earlier this month, RealDoll asked its customers what they’d like to see next from its sex robots.

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One responded: "I'm interested to see how personal companion robots affect mental health. There are a lot of folks out there who want someone safe to talk to AND f***.

“I can see them being used for therapeutic reasons."

Another said: “Be nice to have someone to talk to as I’m sailing around the world by myself! Maybe take a watch so I can sleep!"

Company rep Brick Dollbanger also revealed that a groundbreaking sex robot with three faces and multiple personalities is set to be released.

Its elite sex robots are equipped with X-mode, an integrated AI system.

RealDoll is currently working on a new system which will offer three interchangeable faces for one robot – and three potentially different personalities.

Brick said: “X-Mode 2 is out right now, X-Mode 3 they’re working on.

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“This one will let you create a new personality in your device for a robot, which means you can have one robot with three interchangeable faces and create a separate personality for each face – and give it a different voice.”

Brick is currently testing the new system before it is rolled out by RealDoll.

The upgrade to the X-Mode app is set to be released at the beginning of next year.

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