Inside Elon Musks lush bolt hole where billionaire reportedly lives with twins

Tech billionaire Elon Musk has a new home – and he's allegedly holed up in it with his kids and partner Shivon Alice Zillis

The pair had twins in November, 2021, and have now taken up refuge in a huge mansion in Austin, Texas.

Listed under her name, it is valued at around £4 million.

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Zillis is actually one of the top executives at Musk's Neuralink company, and got the deeds for the home in her name four months after giving birth to the twins.

And with his attempts to buy Twitter failing miserably, it now appears that Musk has taken refuge at the home, according to Austin news site Austonia.

The massive home has five bedrooms and six bathrooms, a swanky outdoor swimming pool and a massive kitchen with more work surface space than you can shake a stick at.

One of the bathrooms has a giant Jacuzzi – because it's Elon Musk – while the outdoors area also has some kind of firepit and stone seating.

The garden, which looks about the same size as a full football pitch, has more than enough space to let two youngsters roam free.

It was built in 1999, has three parking spaces, and spans over one full acre, too.

  • Elon Musk pulls out of £34bn Twitter takeover citing 'breaches' in contract

The two twins Musk is now looking after are not his old children, however.

Just a few months ago, Musk’s ex-partner Grimes revealed that the pair had secretly welcomed a baby in December 2021.

The Tesla CEO’s known children racks up to 10.

His first child, Nevada Alexander, was birthed by ex-wife Justine.

Sadly, he died in January 2000, from sudden infant death syndrome at just 10 weeks old.

  • Elon Musk's many children and baby-mums – from secret twins to estranged child

In 2004, they had twins Griffin and Xavier with the help of IVF, and had triplets Kai, Saxon and Damion two years later – again through IVF.

In 2020, singer Grimes and Musk welcomed their first child together and made headlines when they named their new son X AE A-XII.

The baby was originally named X Æ A-12 but the Æ and 12 were against California law because they were not a part of the alphabet, so the name had to be changed.

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