Inmate cuts own ear off with razor blade in protest at prison sentence

A prisoner who is serving an indefinite sentence for road rage cut his own ear off with a razor blade in protest.

Carl Lamb, 40, mutilated himself in front of a prison officer at HMP Swaleside in Kent.

He has served 11 years and five months, more than the minimum sentence handed to him, after he was convicted of wounding with intent in 2007.

His mum Carol admits her son is "no angel" but said the prison term has "driven him crazy," and argues his actions do not warrant an effective life sentence.

She told Mirror Online : "He has been no angel but he doesn't deserve what has been done to him. 13 years would drive anyone crazy.

"He did most of five years in solitary confinement."

She added: "He is on the phone to me every night crying his eyes out, his mental health is terrible.

"I am 66 and at my wit's end, I don't know what to do now."

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The Ministry of Justice would not comment on the incident, which is currently under investigation.

A spokesperson for the Ministry said: “Those serving IPP sentences were deemed by a judge to pose a high risk to the public and will be released after they demonstrate to the Parole Board they can safely be managed in the community – as more than 350 prisoners did last year.”

Carl is one of 2,000 prisoners in the UK still serving Imprisonment for Public Protection (IPPs) sentences.

The indefinite term was abolished in 2012 after a European Court of Human Rights ruling judged them inhumane.

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The Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government banned judges from handing them down.

However, those serving IPPs were not released and instead had to prove to parole boards they had been rehabilitated before they could experience freedom.

Carl has said he is "deeply ashamed" of his crime and admits he has not been a model prisoner while locked up.

He became addicted to the synthetic drug spice, and has been violent towards prison officers as he continues to battle mental health problems.

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