Injured Ukrainian mother appears on the cover of Playboy

The wife of a Ukrainian lawmaker who survived a suspected murder attempt now graces the cover of the country’s first Playboy edition issued since the war’s commencement.

Iryna Bilotserkovets, sporting a metal bikini and an eye patch, appears on the main page.

Bilotserkovets’ husband is a Ukrainian TV personality who works as an advisor to Kyiv mayor Vitali Klitschko.

She suffered months of emergency care and reconstructive surgery after being trapped in a gun attack with her children just three days after the Russian invasion on February 26, last year.

Ms Bilotserkovets has become a significant symbol of resistance in Ukraine since the incident.

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She sought medical attention in Berlin following the event.

When she glanced in the mirror for the first time after therapy, she saw herself with one eye missing, tubes protruding from various locations, and her hair chopped off owing to surgery.

Ms Bilotserkovets told Playboy: “Stitches, scars, wounds everywhere; I was just Frankenstein’s monster.

“My jaw had shattered, like a twig. I no longer have a pretty face, but the rest of my body is beautiful.”

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She is now working with Ukrainian military organisations to organise cultural events.

Ms Bilotserkovets was driving home with her three children through a wealthy Kyiv neighbourhood when she was shot.

She had four surgeries and was left with a missing eye, a shattered jaw, and scars all over her body.

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She said: “Doctors in Ukraine said I was probably going to die. I didn’t agree.

Playboy Ukraine lauded her as a heroine in the special issue titled ‘Women Stay Strong,’ which focused on the tenacity of Ukrainian women who have survived injuries during the war but haven’t “lost their thirst for life.”

Due to the ongoing fighting and Russia’s invasion, Ukrainian Playboy had only released online editions until the release of this physical issue, the first in over 18 months.”

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