Influencer mum stabbed over 30 times as ex boyfriend arrested for murder

A budding influencer mum-of-two was stabbed to death over 30 times with her ex-boyfriend now arrested.

Larissa Graziela da Silva Antônio, 26, was alone in her house in São Paulo state, Brazil, on November 25, when the attack took place.

She shared the home with her mother and daughters but they weren't in.

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Neighbors reported hearing her screams and watched as she staggered out of the property covered in blood.

She had suffered a horrifying amount of stab wounds, mainly to the neck. She sadly died by the time she got to a hospital.

A suspect was allegedly spotted leaving her garage a short while after, carrying a knife.

Her ex-partner Thallik Eduardo Pereira de Novais, 22, has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

According to police, Larissa had previously taken out protective measures against the suspect.

He is said to have refused to accept her wanting to end their relationship and allegedly started threatening her.

Police seized both the murder weapon and two cars that the suspect stole and used to flee.

The vehicles have now been returned to their owners, who both reported that the suspect was covered in blood when he nabbed the motors.

Thallik was found and arrested at a relative’s house yesterday (Wednesday, November 30). He had an injury to his hand.

He is being kept in police custody while the investigation continues.

According to her Facebook page, Larissa used to work for industrial company Bracol but had been attempting to forge a career as an online influencer prior to her death.

She had nearly 6,000 followers on Facebook and hundreds more on Instagram.


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