I worked undercover as prostitute – mans sex request left my cop pals howling

An ex-undercover cop who led a double life as a prostitute recalled one of her wildest experiences.

Danni Brooke left the Met Police in 2013 after years of covert operations, bringing down numerous paedophiles and drug dealers.

Appearing on the Anything Goes podcast with host James English today (April 25), Brooke recalled the first time she went out into the field as a sex worker in London.

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"I was stood in a red light area, this is horrendous actually," she recalled.

"So I’m stood there for a little while and this guy’s come out of this building […] he came over, he’s a very big gentleman. He’s like, 'Hello.'"

"I said, ‘What do you want?’ And he said, 'Dry anal.'"

"I just went, ‘Dry?! I’ve never even heard of that.'"

Brooke said the man was insistent and asked again if she would perform the sex act, to which she panicked and responded: "I’m waiting for a cab!"

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The undercover officer said her safety team, who were in an unmarked car at the scene and listening to the interaction on a recording device, were laughing so hard the vehicle was "shaking".

"He walked off and obviously when he’s way out of sight he gets nicked," she added.

Brooke said the man had the option to admit to his raunchy request after he was arrested and pay a fine, but instead maintained his innocence, meaning she had to go to court and explain what had happened.

"He brought his wife to court," she giggled.

"There are three magistrates and obviously their shoulders are going up and down," she added, mimicking the giggling law enforcers.

"I’m just thinking, I’ve got to say in court what has happened. So I’m relaying it, and all of a sudden his wife stood up and went, 'Look at her! She looks like she would do that!'"

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"What does someone look like who does that?"

Brooke said the astounded magistrates couldn't control their laughter anymore and had to take a break to get over their fits of laughter.

Brooke left the police force 10 years ago after an impressive career and has since made a number of TV appearances on the likes of ITV's This Morning and C4's Hunted.

She also released a book, titled The Girl For The Job, in March, which saw her outline some of her most bizarre experiences throughout her time in the Met.


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