‘I watched my dream man stab himself to death – then cops accused me of murder’

A woman's life was turned upside down when the man of her dreams fatally stabbed himself in front of her – and she was accused of murder.

Mum-of-two Joleen Hulme, 37, was imprisoned for six months on remand as she struggled to come to terms with Paul Dickson’s death.

The pair were engaged just three months earlier and were saving for their wedding.

But Joleen’s world came crashing down when Paul, 48, plunged the knife into his chest.

She still has no idea why he did it.

Joleen said: “I’ve thought about whether he meant to do it a million times. He looked after me so well, and I knew he loved me so much.

“Within a matter of minutes we were really happy and then all of a sudden my partner had died.

“I don’t feel I’ve had time to grieve because I’ve had a fight on my hands to try and prove my innocence.”

Emergency services attended the couple’s home in December, 2018.

Joleen was arrested the next morning on suspicion of GBH with intent. She was released on bail but unable to see Paul as he fought for his life.

When he came round in hospital, Paul didn’t remember what had happened. Police said he was asking why his fiance could not see him.

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He died on January 11, 2019, and Joleen was arrested on suspicion of murder and bailed.

In May 2020, Joleen, of Bolton, was charged with murder and held at HMP Styal, Cheshire, until she was unanimously acquitted of the killing.

Joleen said lack of forensic evidence meant prosecutors relied on bad character statements to try to convict her.

Leaving jail was bittersweet as she tried to rebuild her life with her children. “It was a not guilty verdict, but people still think I did it.”

She had no apology for being wrongly accused and is being advised on her next steps.

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