‘I run a government contracting firm, but I also kick a**e in a wrestling ring’

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    Independent wrestling superstar Renee Michelle is hoping to make her trip to the UK a family affair as she wrestles for PROGRESS Wrestling in Birmingham on Saturday.

    Many wrestling fans will recognise Renee from WWE television as she performed alongside her real life husband – former WWE star and current WWE creative team member James Curtin (formerly known as Drake Maverick) – as part of the 24/7 title storyline that played out on Monday Night Raw. Along with performing in WWE, Renee has been a part of the Impact Wrestling and AEW rosters over the years.

    Speaking exclusive to the Daily Star, days before heading to the O2 Academy to take on rising women’s star Rhio at Feel the Noize. Renee expressed her delight at returning to the second city in the UK – a place close to her heart and the hometown of her husband and his family.

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    “I'm super excited. I can't wait to see some old friends and then meet all types of individuals there. My mother-in-law and my soon-to-be sister-in-law is going to attend too and I think maybe my husband's brother might be there as well. It's going to be their first time seeing me wrestle in person”.

    “It's one of the biggest UK promotions thus far Renee told us. And it's also James' home-based promotion. So it's a little sentimental to me because it's where he came from, like originally came from and the history of it.”

    Not only is the history of PROGRESS exciting the well travelled superstar, but the future does too. Recently the promotion announced that they had attracted new American investment from the International Exchange of North America and will be opening an office in New York – something which has got many talents, including Renee, looking towards a big future with the promotion.

    “I'm excited. Renee exclaimed. So I definitely want to keep in touch with Progress as much as I possibly can. I mean, it's about time that they have an office in the US, but better now than never.”

    The 37 year old independent wrestling superstar is well travelled having worked from promotions in Japan, America and beyond, however seeing the UK talent is something she is looking forward to.

    “As far as watching the girls and the guys wrestle over there, they're awesome. So, of course, I actually do want to learn more the British style. I'm there to learn. I'm there also to compete as well and take whatever knowledge that I learned from over in the UK and bring it over to the US.”

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    Away from the ring, Michelle has become one of the most popular wrestlers on social media and also has a very surprising life when not body slamming opponents.

    “Well, a lot of people don't know. Okay, so I guess because what I show on the social media is what I want people to see. They don't know Renee from at home. Renee at home is actually COO of a government contracting firm. You would've never known that because I only allow people what they see on social media.”

    Not being one to stay still, along with working with the government in the United States, Renee outlined her ambitions for the next 12 months too;

    “I do want to get more in shape than I am now. I do want to build more of an athlete type of body. So that's why I'm getting to know I guess when a lot of people see me, they're like, oh, you look perfect. But in my mind and in my head, I'm like, it could be more. I need to get more muscle.

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    "I don't want to get to a ridiculous amount, but I do want to look like an athlete, if that makes any sense. I might try the wellness competition, too, but on a more of a natural side of things, I do want to be able to expand to different places other than just America wrestling too. I do want to go out of the US.

    "There was supposed to be a show that was happening over in Israel, but that got canned. And then a Jamaica tour got postponed. Before COVID, I was supposed to go to China.”

    However there is one thing that Renee is looking forward to more than wrestling in front of a home away from home crowd – and that’s Strongbow cider! “I love Strongbow she told us excitedly. I need to bring some back with me, it’s my drink of choice in the UK.”

    Renee Michelle will be wrestling Rhio at Progress in Birmingham at the O2 Academy on September 9th and then also in Sheffield against Session Moth Martina on the 10th.

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