Huge fireball as Russian jet crashes straight into house with at least two dead

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    A Russian warplane crashed into house today, killing two.

    The fighter plane went down in a suburb of Irkutsk city, near the Mongolian border, while on a test flight from the Irkutsk Aviation Plant in what has been called yet another blow to Vladimir Putin.

    It has been alleged that two pilots on the flight lost consciousness after suffocating in the cockpit.

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    Videos taken by horrified witnesses and dashcams showed the moment the plane crashed and exploded into the Siberian building, showing flames leaping into the air and smoke billowing from the wreckage.

    Three children were reportedly evacuated from the two-storey residential building hit by the Su-30 plane – fortunately there are no reported casualties from the building.

    The plane had taken off at 5.47pm but quickly stopped communicating.

    It is unclear why the pilots might have suffocated – and whether or not they did suffocate also hasn't been established.

    The theory comes from reports by pilots who were flying in a nearby plane at the time of the crash.

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    According to one account, there were two Su-30SMs – a twin-engine fighter aircraft with two seats – on the test flight, but one went down.

    The second continued to fly, failing to make contact for 20 minutes.

    The pilots in the nearby plane claim they saw the crew in the aircraft sitting with their heads bowed, presumably from having suffocated.

    It is thought that when the fuel ran out, the plane came down near Novo-Lenino and the crew was killed upon impact.

    The plane was reportedly not carrying ammunition and was possibly flying as part of a test as Vladimir Putin ramps up his war in Ukraine.

    This is not the first time a Russian plane has crashed in a non-conflict situation since the start of the war – at least 11 military aircrafts have suffered the same fate.

    A criminal probe has been launched by the Russian Investigative Committee to look into why the plane crashed.

    This has been described as a destructive blow to Putin, who has been ramping up his war in Ukraine for several weeks.

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    On September 21 the Russian despot announced his now infamous mobilisation of 300,000 Russian troops, civilians and even prisoners to the front lines of Ukraine.

    In the same speech, Putin issued nuclear threats to the West, stating he would stop at nothing to maintain the "integrity" of his nation.

    He said: "If the territorial integrity of our country is threatened, we use all available means to protect our people. I'm not bluffing."

    Earlier this week (October 19) the Russian despot declared martial law in several Russian-occupied regions of Ukraine, meaning military control has been put in place there.


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