‘House of horrors’ home zoo with endangered species and ‘urine-burnt’ animals

A sickening home zoo has been dubbed a "house of horrors" with 52 animals – including snakes, endangered turtles and dogs – living in "deplorable conditions".

Animal rescuers described the scene as some of "the worst conditions they had ever seen". Shockingly, 14 of the 52 animals were dead.

The discovery was made this week by the Youngstown Fire Department in Ohio, with the help of the Animal Charity of Ohio, after the couple who lived in the home were taken to hospital with carbon monoxide poisoning.

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According to 21 News, they had tried to use kerosene heaters indoors. The property reportedly had no heating or water.

Detailing the gruesome discovery in a Facebook post, the Animal Charity of Ohio said: "When they [rescuers] entered the home what they saw was best described as a zoo.

"Animals of several different species everywhere in deplorable conditions all needing vet care urgently.

"When our humane agents entered the home, the conditions were some of the worst they have ever seen.

"With the help of the Mahoning County Dog Warden 52 animals were removed over several hours."

They found 15 fish, eight dogs, four rabbits, four snakes, three Guinea pigs, three endangered turtles, two ferrets, two hedgehogs, two axolotl, two foxes, two turkeys, two raccoons, one bearded dragon and one tortoise.

The two raccoons are believed to have rabies.

"There was not one animal that was not in filth or faeces," Jane MacMurchy, Operations Director and Humane Agent for the Animal Charity of Ohio, told 21 News.

"They have burns from urine and faeces on their bellies and on their paws."

Officials have since "red-tagged" the home, meaning it is deemed too dangerous to inhabit.

The Animal Charity of Ohio wrote on Facebook that charges were pending against the couple, although police are yet to confirm this.

A number of people commented on the Facebook post with offers to rehome the neglected pets.

Others expressed their horror at the conditions they were kept in.

One comment read: "Horrific!! Those poor animals."

Another read: "What hell on earth is happening there? Those poor innocent creatures. RIP and God bless the ones that survived. I hope they’ll all be okay and live out their lives away from this house of horrors."

A third person said: "Absolutely disgusting! This makes me sick! What kind of people do this to animals!"

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