Hercules cargo plane is ‘buzzed’ by mystery UFO which vanished ‘in an instant’

An astonishing photo of a Hercules cargo plane being “buzzed” by a mystery object has UFO hunters in a flap.

It was captured by a police officer who claims the black craft raced off at incredible speed moments later.

Chuck Marose said: “As soon as the plane made its turn and I shot that picture, the object was gone in an instant. I mean, it went from a standstill to being gone instantaneously.”

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The black, cylindrical object has been compared to the white “Tic Tacs” seen by military pilots recent years. In 2015, the crew of a US Navy Hornet jet filmed a wingless object later nicknamed “Go Fast” flying just above the surface of the Atlantic.

The photo, from Sarasota Bay, Florida, last month, has investigators baffled. Possible explanations put forward have ranged from it being a towed anti-missile defence unit or drone to an insect near the camera.

One online commentator, Winstone Smythe, joked:

“I can tell it’s an unidentified flying object…

“It’s an object, it’s flying and I can’t identify it.”

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