Heartbreaking moment baby monkey clings to mums body after shes killed by car

Visitors to Parque da Cidade, an urban park in Porto, Portugal, were left devastated after a monkey passed away following a collision with a car.

On December 30, onlookers consoled one another as a baby monkey desperately clung to its mother's lifeless body.

In the aftermath of the incident, Environmental Battalion police officers were called to the scene. However, removing the infant's grasp proved difficult.

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In a desperate bid to remain by his late mum's side, the youngster held on as hard as he could. Ultimately, it took two individuals to undo the child's grasp.

The police have confirmed that they believe the elder monkey met her demise while attempting to cross the road.

In reaction to the event, City Park security guards isolated the site by placing several cones around the body, which had left a large amount of blood.

As the situation stands, the vehicle involved in the crash has not been identified, meaning the police have no current suspects.

After being removed from the scene, the baby monkey was transported to a public veterinary hospital in Taguatinga. Following an examination, the medical team found no apparent injuries. However, the animal's mental state is still under question.

Video footage shows the monkey hugging a vet while making loud screeching noises. Attempts will now be made to aid the child's recovery.

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