Google Maps user thinks they have spotted a giraffe in a garden in Wales

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A Google Maps user was shocked to discover what they thought was a giraffe in a garden in North Wales.

They uploaded the photo to Reddit, which shows a number of buildings and fields with a red circle included.

When viewers zoom in on the circle, there does appear to be a giraffe-shaped creature with a shadow next to it.

Google Maps fans are often making strange and bizarre discoveries on the popular site.

Recently one was shocked to come across what appeared to be Teletubbies walking down a Russian street.

The colourful quarter appear to have followed Google's camera car around the bleak streets of Norilsk, a remote city in the Arctic Circle.

Panning around the image revealed that the spooky foursome were all wearing matching face masks too.

Whoever the mysterious foursome might be, they are definitely Google Maps experts, cropping up in dozens of images of the region. Perhaps there’s not much else to do in remote Russian cities north of the Arctic Circle.

Some have speculated that the group might be connected with the Google camera car – one Reddit commenter said: "Looks like the Google Maps street crew, since it’s cold they are wearing the boiler suits."

Meanwhile, another user spotted what appeared to be a "giant pyramid" being built in China, sparking a Google Maps frenzy.

The discovery led to a range of discussions about what the peculiar structure was.

One person commented that it could be a "modern mausoleum", while another suggested it could be a "shopping mall or tourist attraction".

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