Ghostly figures ‘spotted’ at derelict haunted site of former UK college

For many people, hearing that their former school has closed down often leads to a morbid fascination with wanting to visit the derelict building.

And for two paranormal investigators in Grimsby, Lincolnshire the chance to do just that ended with a ghostly sighting they never expected.

Investigators Graham and Tara, who can't reveal their surnames because – as is the case with all forms of Urban Exploration – visiting the site counts as trespassing, took a trip to Grimsby's long-closed Grimsby College of Art and Design on Eleanor Street.

And while there, they caught "three of four (ghostly) children hiding behind a wall" on camera.

Graham told GrimsbyLive: "This photo, the photograph of the three or four children, was my first paranormal picture.

"It was only taken on a Samsung tablet on night camera mode. It was taken in the old Art college on Eleanor Street."

He explained: "It all started off as a laugh. We took pictures with the lights on and lights off.

"We were just messing around and I was taking a load of pictures. I woke up the next morning and had a look at what I had taken.

He continued: "I was really taken back by what I saw. I have been into the paranormal since being a child. I’m no longer scared of it. I thrive on it, to be honest.

"When zoomed in, you can see facial features of the first boy. He’s sitting down, besides three or four others, crossed legged and with his right arm to his right knee.

"You can see more on the boy standing up. His facial features are much clearer. These were taken somewhere near the old swimming pool."

The pair told how they kept onto the photos for "a long time" for fear of being ridiculed, but they are adamant that they are genuine and no editing has taken place.

In 2019, one Urban Explorer visited the site and posted images of the run down, derelict state of the site.

Images online show how around 40% of the roof had collapsed, and there are trees growing throughout the grounds of the building.

The exact closure date of the building is not clear, but a large arson attack took place in July 2014, rendering the site unsafe.

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