Gang of turkeys to ‘receive death penalty’ after breaking bloke’s hips

A man was subject to a vicious attack by a gang of turkeys and a rooster that left the unfortunate victim with two broken hips.

The attack occurred in the Canadian province of British Columbia in July, when the assistance of Chase RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) was required in order to check on the man's well-being at a home in Celista.

As they arrived at the address, the cops found an injured man who had been attacked by animals.

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The man was soon found to have been attacked by a gang of turkeys who were accompanied by a rooster as they left the victim in a sorry state.

By the time the authorities arrived at the scene, the victim had already received medical attention with his injuries including two broken hips, a broken finger and multiple lacerations.

In a twist that many may have not been expecting, the birds in question are said to have been scheduled to receive the "death penalty for their crimes", according to Sergeant Barry Kennedy.

It seems like species is not an issue when it comes to justice for the RCMP.

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In a similar tragedy, two young children were mauled to death by pit bulls while the mother was left in critical condition after suffering horrific injuries.

Kristie Jane Bennard's five-month old baby son and two-year-old daughter were the victims of a devastating attack by the family's own pet dogs.

Bennard, 30, was involved in a 10-minute struggle to save her children from the vicious dogs which occurred in the family home in Shelby County, Tennessee, USA.


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