Fury over shop owner’s ‘greed’ at selling packs of toilet roll for £10

A supermarket boss selling packs of toilet rolls for £10 has admitted that it has backfired on him after customers protested – and one complained about his 'greed' .

Wagas Ali, the owner of Khadmin Superstore in Birkby, Huddersfield, thought he was doing his shoppers a favour when he invested a staggering £4,210 in 470 packs – that worked out at £9 per pack.

But one woman wrote on Facebook: “I cannot believe this superstore in the heart of the community is exploiting the old and the vulnerable for their own greed.

“I can’t believe they are taking advantage of people during this pandemic.

“They’ve doubled all the prices during a time when people can’t work and are losing money.

“All this store can think about is lining their pockets at the expense of those who have no choice.

“Toilet rolls are £9 when they are usually £5.50.”

Mr Ali now says that he won't be selling any more until things return to normal.

The shop owner told Yorkshire Live : “Our regular suppliers are struggling so I have had to go to Leeds, Rochdale and even as far away as Stockport to buy things for us to sell.

“Regarding the toilet rolls I thought customers would be pleased to be able to buy any at all but there’s no doubt it has backfired on me. No more toilets rolls now until we get back to normal.”

Meanwhile, the panic buying continues at supermarkets all over the country and one dad was so shocked by what he saw in Asda in Dewsbury that he took pictures.

Trolleys were piled high with with excessive amounts of nappies, toilet rolls and baby milk.

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The father of three was driven to taking the shameful images after witnessing mums crying because there were no nappies or baby milk left.

He said: “I watched mothers cry. I have got three kids and can't do a shop because everywhere is empty.”

Thankfully, supermarkets have now stepped in to try and stop shoppers for stripping the shelves of essential items.

Tesco and Sainsbury’s have brought in a new rule that you can only buy three of one item, while Aldi said customers could have four items of the same product – Asda and Morrisons are taking similar action.

Central England Co-op chief executive Debbie Robinson said: “As a co-operative retailer, we want to make sure we are leading the way for our communities during this difficult time.

“We are launching an urgent food bank appeal and we are asking people to show their co-operative spirit and donate an item or two so our food bank partners can provide emergency food and support to individuals and families.

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