Furious Kit Kat fan bites into beloved choccy bar to find no wafer inside

A choccy-lover has been left in bits after taking a bite into their favourite treat only to be let down on an epic scale.

Keely McGrath, 25, went to chow down on a Kit Kat Down Under only to discover there was no wafer inside.

Instead, she was greeted with a solid bar of chocolate – the dream of some perhaps, but not for her.

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The Tipperary, Ireland, native said: "I was disappointed as Kit Kats are actually my favourite bar, which might be an unpopular opinion.

"I'm not much of a chocolate lover and I like that there's not too much chocolate in a normal Kit Kat."

She now lives in Darwin, Australia, where she works as a bartender, and explained how luckily she was granted a desperate escape from her layer-free-limbo when she managed to switch bars with her boyfriend, whose specimen was by the book.

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While this might sound like a once-in-a-million event to most, Keely is no stranger to such a phenomenon.

She said: "A few years ago I got a four-pack of Kit Kat chunkys and they all had no wafers."I actually hurt my tooth that time because it was a massive block of rock-hard chocolate."

She admitted that while to some this might be like winning the “food lottery” she is not impressed with her double fluke.

“One man's trash is another man's treasure,” she admitted.

The Daily Star cannot confirm whether Keely broke her bars in half before taking a bite.

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