Furious gran demands DFS refund after sofa ‘leaves grandson with black eye’

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A furious gran is demanding DFS refund her £1,200 sofa she claims is "dangerous" after her two-year-old grandson got injured from the arm rests.

Claire Neil says that her two-year-old grandson Archie Burns has injured himself twice by either "flopping" or "banging" back down – hitting his face with such force he "gave himself a black eye".

She rang and emailed the retail giant numerous times before a DFS worker examined the silver crushed velvet sofa and cuddle chair in her home on September 28 and deemed it safe.

Claire, from Ushaw Moor, County Durham, said: "It's dangerous. If you've got young kids in the property it's a no-go, to me it's a safety hazard.

"I don't want it, I want it out of the house, I can't have my grandson keep injuring himself. I just want them to remove it.

"What's it going to take? My grandson to lose his eye? I've got another four years of payments to make and I'm on edge every time he sits there."

The 43-year-old housewife, who still has four years of payments left on the new piece of furniture, claims the padding is so thin she can "feel the edge of the wood" through it.

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DFS explained that they had assessed the sofa and found it was not faulty as the "less padded" areas, on the inside edge of the armrest, were simply due to the design of the box arms and that it wasn't faulty or dangerous.

A spokesman added: "We're committed to providing our customers with high-quality products and over the past year, our records show no registered complaints concerning the arm padding on this product or any record of injuries.

"The Lyric formal back sofa (chosen by the customer) is a square armed sofa, the design is more angular than some 'rounded' arm styles within our range but it does have the addition of bolster cushions for the arms. This is a long-standing model and we have sold over a thousand of these products.

"As a solution, Ms Neil is welcome to return the sofa, but as there isn't a fault she would be charged a percentage of the retail price.

"This is due to the vast majority of our products being handmade to order, so when non-faulty products are rejected by a customer, the product is already considered used, and therefore will lose some of its value when sold through clearance."

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