Fox found with impressive shoe collection

A fox in a leafy suburb of Berlin has been getting into the spirit of summer – by collecting flip flops.

For weeks residents of Zehlendorf were baffled that a thief was stealing their flip flops and sports shoes from their gardens at night.

Finally a man spotted the culprit on a patch of wasteland, “in flagrante, carrying two blue flip flops in its mouth”, the daily Tagesspiegel reports.

The fox had a hoard of over 100 shoes, but not the man’s missing running shoe.

The man had suspected it might be a fox after raising the matter on a neighbourhood watch website and getting complaints from other locals about a missing pair of shoes, or one missing shoe.

Tagesspiegel editor Felix Hackenbruch posted photos of the evidence on Twitter.

Fuchs, Du hast die Schuh gestohlen…🎶In #Zehlendorf wurden mehr als 100 Schuhe von einem Fuchs gemopst. Die ganze Geschichte morgen @TspCheckpoint. (📸: Christian Meyer)

End of Twitter post by @FHackenbruch

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