Former premier Williams criticizes Muskrat Falls report that blamed his government

Danny Williams says he still believes Muskrat Falls will be good for Newfoundland and Labrador in the long run, days after an inquiry faulted his government for pushing through the “misguided” project.

A final report from the inquiry into the $12.7-billion hydro dam released this week faulted Williams’ government for deciding the project would proceed no matter what, and for failing to adequately oversee the Crown corporation running the project.

In a lengthy statement, Williams criticized commissioner Richard LeBlanc’s report as biased against the project, calling some of the judge’s conclusions “blatantly incorrect.”

Williams took issue with LeBlanc saying government failed in its duty to protect residents’ best interests, calling the insinuation “deeply offensive.”

He defended his government and public servants’ decisions as based on good advice and years of planning, and defended the former Nalcor Energy CEO, whom LeBlanc faulted for misrepresenting the true cost of the project, which has nearly doubled since it was approved.

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