Fears Shamima Begum ‘could escape’ from camp and ‘pose a threat’ to UK

A Tory MP has said that he would prefer Shamima Begum to be punished in the UK because we need to "decide where we are safest, not where she is safest.”

Shamima left her home in East London in February 2015, alongside two schoolmates who are both now believed to be dead, and was smuggled into Syria before she joined ISIS.

And Conservative MP Tim Loughton examined the girls’ disappearance for the home affairs select committee that year, and despite having little sympathy for Begum – he wants her home.

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“If she is a threat, and she does need to be punished for what she’s done, then I would rather she faced British justice, in which I have confidence," he said, via The Times.

"The alternative being that she’s in some semi-secure camp, could escape, could be released, could be liberated, and if she is still a threat, could therefore still pose a threat from another part of the world.

"And that’s the practical debate we need to have: decide where we are safest, not where she is safest."

In the BBC's “I’m Not A Monster" podcast, the 23-year-old opens up about how she was groomed age 15 before joining the ruthless terrorist group.

Speaking from the Al-Roy prison camp, she recognised why the public see her as a "danger" but insisted she is "so much more than ISIS".

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Yet her remorse has been called into question by film-maker Andrew Drury who says Shamima is a “manipulative” character who has no remorse” about her three years with the bloodthirsty cult.

Drury said that he lost all sympathy for Shamima when she told him she was “over” the deaths of her kids.

She shocked the world when she callously claimed that seeing her first severed head in a bin “didn’t faze me at all”, because it belonged to a “captured fighter… an enemy of Islam”.

Shamima was an "enforcer" in the feared ISIS "morality police", according to the Daily Telegraph, "and tried to recruit other young women to join the group".


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