Exact date temperature will finally hit 30C again in UK after summer washout

Met Office Weather Trend snapshot August

Britain is set to bake once again this August, as the hot weather returns to the country towards the end of next week with temperatures peaking at 31C.

The exact date the mercury will soar has been confirmed by weather forecasting maps showing maximum forecast temperatures, predicting things will be hotting up across the UK with the southern part of the nation experiencing the heat blast.

The last few days have seen downpours and gale-force winds with multiple areas of the country recording record rainfall for the month of July.

Unseasonably cold temperatures have been caused by the jet stream which is a cross-Atlantic air current which has been over the British Isles for a few weeks, resulting in rainfall.

Towards the end of next week will see clearer skies and balmy conditions according to the Met Office.

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The Met Office said: “For the latter half of next week, there are some signals of a shift in the jet stream which may allow for high pressure to build in for southern areas of the UK, increasing the likelihood of drier weather, at least for a time.”

The latest weather maps show temperatures in the UK reaching 30C in the southern parts of the country on Friday August 11. London is also expected to record the warmest temperatures with a forecast of 28C for the capital city.

In the East Midlands, Nottingham will peak at 26C and in the north, Manchester faces highs of 24C.

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Towards the end of the weekend on Sunday August 13, temperatures will rise again slightly.

Maps remain red as temperatures will peak at 31C for the southern parts of the UK. London will reach 30C, whereas Southampton will peak at 27C.

In the Midlands, Leicester will reach highs of 26C whereas Birmingham will peak at 25C.

Commenting on the expected warmer weather, the Met Office says: “Some warmth will be welcomed by many. Maps are showing the chance of showing 25C or more as we go through the second half of next week.”

“The pressure patterns look as though they will stabilise. From the middle part of next week, we will see Thursday and Friday seeing higher pressure – giving a greater chance of drier, probably sunnier and warmer weather.”

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