Ex-employee murders boss who gave him drink laced with semen as sick joke

An employee 'murdered his former boss, after he was given a drink laced with semen as a sick joke'.

According to police, Edivan Alves Cavalcante, 49, ejaculated into a glass of sugarcane juice and gave it to one of his employees to drink.

The suspect, named as Mauricio Roger Rodrigues Melo, 34, only found out two years after the joke from his colleagues what had happened to his drink.

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Rodrigues Melo has been arrested for the murder, which reportedly took place in Valparaiso de Goias, a municipality in the central Brazilian state of Goias.

After discovering what happened Rodrigues Melo was said to have harboured growing feelings of resentment towards his former boss, before going to the company where he used to work on May 2, 2023.

The suspect then allegedly stabbed Alves Cavalcante after arguing with him, according to local media.

Rodrigues Melo then fled the scene before being arrested in a forested area on a vacant lot near his home by the police a short time later, according to local media.

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The victim was taken to hospital in a serious condition and later died.

The police reportedly found two knives on Rodrigues Melo, with a judge ordering that the suspect be detained in preventive custody on May 4, 2023.

Judge Francieli Vincentim Fierradon said that Rodrigues Melo, who was reportedly already under house arrest and wearing an ankle bracelet after being convicted of robbery, had exhibited "coldness" regarding his boss' murder.

The investigation is ongoing.


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