Ex-cartel boss who bit off man’s eyelids and lips tells people to shun crime

An ex-cartel boss urged people to stay away from crime as he spoke about his life experiences in a new podcast.

David Gunn, an ex-Nottingham cartel boss, ran the Bestwood Cartel crime gang with his brother Colin Gunn as the pair made their presence known on the estate, Nottinghamshire Live reports.

Both brothers had gone on trial for the murders of John and Joan Stirland, who were shot dead in August 2003 in Trusthorpe on the East coast of Lincolnshire and despite no conviction being earned for their murders, Colin was sentenced to 35 years in prison in June 2006, for conspiring to murder the Stirlands.

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David, however, was found not guilty, and in an episode of a true crime podcast, hosted by Shaun Attwood, an ex-prisoner, he spoke about life of crime and how he was once spied on by the police as well as M15, with the latter firing a pin through his letterbox to listen in to his conversations.

He said: "Don't do it, my mate, get a job and live your life – don't end up like me and my brother, pal. Seriously, there's no dough [money] in it, because when you get nicked, they've just took £1.2 million off me, so when you get nicked they're going to take everything you've got.

"So you're going to think 'what am I going to do now' you're going to be wanted like Jesse James. So keep away from it – get a job and make your mum and dad proud. That's all I'll say about it. I drill that into my grandchildren."

Gunn said he's spent 11 of the last 15 years in prison and while to speaking to Shaun Attwood, he spoke of one particularly gruesome attack he had perpetrated.

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After a seemingly drunk man knocked into a table with Gunn's nine-year-old daughter on it, before "belting her in the eye" while his family had been having lunch, Gunn was informed of the situation before he took matters into his own hands.

Gunn said: "My pal has got one of them [referencing a gun] but I said 'it's not a murder mate, let me beat him. So I've bit his eyelids off and his lips off and swallowed them. But that's what I had to do, because he had cut my daughter's eye, so I thought 'I'm going to scar you for life mate."

Gunn was sentenced to four years and nine months for the attack while he was previously sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison for killing a man with just one punch outside a Boots in Nottingham.

Gunn once again urged youngsters to not go down the same path he and his brother went down.

"Children – keep away from it lads. Don't make the mistake me and my brother have made, mate. I'm lucky – I beat the murder trial. My brother ended up doing a 35 [year sentence] and it's a death sentence lads. So, no need for it, mate. Even if one of you don't do it, we've accomplished something then, haven't we? So keep away."


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