‘Eternally popular’ Kate ‘may be the monarchy’s only hope’ warns royal expert

The "eternally popular" Kate Middleton is the "royal family’s greatest and maybe only hope" in the midst of a string of royal crises.

Lady Susan Hussey being accused of racism and subsequently standing down, Harry and Meghan's claims of racism, high-profile accusations against Prince Andrew, the death of the Queen and a generally ageing workforce has left royals thin on the ground.

And Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge will be left to carry the torch eventually, according to royal columnist Daniela Elser.

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"It is eternally popular Kate who is the royal family’s greatest and maybe only hope here. The halo effect of her in the monarchy’s midst is the palace’s biggest asset as they stare down a very dicey, not-at-all guaranteed future," she said, writing for News.au.

The commentator said that the "remaining HRHs are going to be stretched ever thinner," and each passing year makes that issue more pressing.

"Kate will have to do a disproportionate amount of the heavy lifting when it comes to upholding the royal brand, which has obviously taken more than a few blows in recent years, the biggest and most damaging of which is the accusation of institutional racism," Elser wrote.

Elser also claims that Kate will eventually have to shoulder the responsibilty of the royal family dealing with its slave trade past.

The Royal African Company – a slave trade company founded by British royality – “shipped more enslaved African men, women, and children to the Americas than any other single institution during the entire period of the transatlantic slave trade,” according to the Smithsonian Museum.

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"Enjoy the lovely bits of royalty while you can because the job is only about to become much, much harder," Elser warned.

It comes after Kate was presented as "cold" in the Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan.

Speaking out after the accusations, Kate's uncle was far from impressed, telling the Daily Mail: "As her uncle, I can tell you that this presentation of Kate as cold is just laughable.

"Everybody loves Kate, she is the most beautiful girl, even more beautiful on the inside than out, she's got a big heart and desperately wants the boys to get back together."


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