Elle Brooke slams rival Astrid Wett for ducking her for easy opponent

OnlyFans legend Elle Brooke has slammed fellow adult content creator Astrid Wett for "ducking her" and picking out an "easy opponent" for a boxing match.

The pair were set to face off against one another in the squared circle, but the fight was called off due to safety concerns on Wett's side.

Brooke appears still furious at the Chelsea fan, taking to Instagram and addressing the Wett fight, who took on social media star Keeley Colbran.

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In an effort that marked a winning start to her in-ring career, Wett got one over on Colbran, but did little to convince Brooke of her in-ring abilities.

Posting to her Instagram story, Brooke revealed her opinion on the state of Wett's inaugural fight.

She said: "Astrid's been fighting for six plus months, or been training for six months. Keeley has been training for, like, literally weeks. I've DM'd her to ask her to spar and she said 'I literally can't be a***d to train.'

"And boy, did that show, like, who gives up anyway? But then this girl is 19. She's just been given a fat pay check and she's thought, 'I don't need to fight these three f***ing rounds, I don't need to win.'

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Brooke continued with what she thought Keeley's mindset would be, adding: "'I've been paid. F***ing sound, I'm off.' You know? 'Easiest f***ing grands and grands of my life for two f***ing minutes'.

"Yeah I know it's hard, but I don't think you can compare mine and Astrid's fights because she's been training for six plus months, compared to my first one.

"But I still want that fight. Of course I do, like she ducked mine, and she just chose an easy opponent."

Wett has yet to reply to the video Brooke posted, but did take to Twitter to flaunt her unbeaten boxing record, writing: "What an event. Thank you so much to everyone for the support this week. 1-0 BABY."

She added another tweet of her arms raised in the boxing ring, with the caption: "On top of the world."

Wett pulled out of a boxing match set between her and Brooke back in July, labelling the affair a "freakshow" ahead of their proposed fight, Daily Star reported.

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