Elle Brooke says she flogged a tub of her spit to deranged fan for £200

Elle Brooke claims to have flogged a tub full of her own spit to a freaky fan who was willing to pay £200.

The tub of spit was sold by the undefeated boxer to a fan apparently desperate for an item that was a little more personal.

OnlyFans star Brooke appeared happy to oblige, bagging herself £200 in the process after revealing that she takes special requests through her adult content account.

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The Man City fan revealed that her account was raking in the cash and that odd requests like that weird tub of spit were somewhat common.

Speaking of her spit sale, Brooke revealed: "I once sold a tub of spit for like £200."

The strange sale comes as the boxer revealed how much cash she rakes in on OnlyFans every month, noting that it was "seven grand a month" when she first started out.

Brooke said: "My first couple of months I was making seven grand a month. At the time I was at uni, I was like 'that’s absolutely ridiculous,' bearing in mind I never grew up with money.

"After a year I was easily making 30 grand a month, and it’s only built up since then."

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The OnlyFans model's revelation came during a conversation with The Taboo Room, and it comes just days after the star revealed training for her latest fight had left her "f***ed up".

Undefeated boxer Brooke showed off the bruises she had picked up in the lead-up to her fight with Faye Ordway, which she won in a first-round knockout bout.

But training for the fight appears to have left Brooke with a few injuries, with Daily Star previously reporting on the nasty looking injuries.

In a post to her Instagram story late last week, Brooke showcased some bruised eyes and a bloody nose, noting that she had "improved" since her days of being punched up in sparring matches.

She captioned the grim looking injuries, adding: "Just thinking about all times I've been f***ed up in sparring and how much I've improved."

Her fights have shown that improvement too, with the blonde bombshell boasting an undefeated streak in the ring and is already teasing her third fight.

Brooke previously said: "I want to get out in May."

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