‘Dumb,’ ‘stupid’ and ‘lazy’ replay in mind of ex-NHLer with dyslexia

Former Stanley Cup champion and dyslexia advocate Brent Sopel, 43, says three words still replay in his head daily — dumb, stupid and lazy.

Now retired from professional hockey, Sopel lives in Chicago and dedicates his time to advocacy on behalf of dyslexic children and their families.

He also created the Brent Sopel Foundation to provide financial and educational assistance to help students with dyslexia fulfill their potential through early detection and intervention.

“First-and-foremost, it’s educating the world that it’s a learning difference, not a learning disorder. We just learn a little bit differently,” Sopel said.

“I never want another person to feel the way I do every single day… there’s a lot of smart kids that learn differently and have the ability to change the world but won’t get the opportunity because they’re not getting taught the right way.”

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